Monday, September 8, 2008


We went to Adelaide first we where going to Adelaide but then my brother Tom got sick and we took him to the hospital and thought we cant go.
The Mum came home and said " Tom has to fly to Adelaide because he had ketoacidosis".
It is were you don't have enough insulin in your body he got it when he was first diagnosed with diabieties. So he and dad had to fly down on the flying doctors service. Tom had to stay in the hospital in adelaide and then we went down with mums and stayed at her girfriend Aunty Di.
We where hoping to go to ikea but we didnt end up going but we did end up going to spotlight mum got everyone some material for a new blanket except for dad and her and me I didnt want another blanket but i got some orange material for some track pants. Thats prity much what we did in adelaide except i walked a 2 and a half k walk with Aunty Di Amelia and Alexander.

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